About Us

Golden Boy Kennels

Whilst you’re on holiday your dog can holiday too in our dog boarding kennels based in New York.

Our Dog Boarding Kennels

As dog lovers ourselves we’ve developed our dog boarding kennels with a key question in mind, “would we be happy leaving our own dogs here?” and the answer is a wholehearted yes! Dogs thrive in enjoyable surroundings and we’ve made our home away from home as comfortable as possible.

* Clean, spacious runs inside and out
* Thermostat regulated temperature
* Dimmer switch lighting – perfect for bedtime

Visit Our Rooms for more detailed information about our dog boarding kennel facilities.

Our Service

We treat every dog staying with us as one of our own, which means they get the care and attention we’d expect our dogs to receive in dog boarding kennels.

* Professionally trained staff who genuinely care
* Cuddles… Included! There are no hidden extras
* The peace of mind to enjoy your holiday