Deal with Dogs

Regular grooming is very important for dogs. It ensures that they are always comfortable and happy. However, many dogs do not like grooming and they always find it unpleasant. This is because it entails uncomfortable restraint, soaking in water as well as pulling of hair. However, there are tactics that can be used to make dogs like grooming. If you notice that your dog does not like various aspects of grooming such as ear cleaning, bathing, brushing and nail trimming among others, look for a better way of making it like them.

You can make your dog love such aspects by doing something they like after grooming. For instance, if your dog loves playing in the park, special treats or playing with toys, let them do it immediately after grooming. This will make the dog come to like grooming since it will know that something good will follow after the exercise. It is also important that you take things slow with your dog. Dogs that are not used to regular restraining, brushing, handling and inspection among other aspects of cleaning will take long before getting used to it. Therefore, learn to tolerate seeing your dog get frightened for sometimes before it start tolerating grooming.

If you are grooming the dog yourself, introduce different aspects of grooming slowly. For instance, before giving your dog a bath, take it to the bathroom severally putting it in the tub while giving incentives when taking it out. Start with a few strokes when introducing the brush. If your dog is not used to nail clipping, start by clipping one nail the increase gradually. While doing this, make sure that the dog is paying attention to your body language and voice.

You can use soothing tones and speak calmly. This will ensure that your dog will always maintain its calm during the grooming process. Nevertheless, dogs introduced to grooming this way comes to like grooming and are never frightened by brushes, water and other grooming items.