Dogs for Kids

Dogs come in a variety of breeds, each with its own unique features and temperaments. There are some dogs that are ideal to be used as guard dogs, search and rescue dogs, or dogs fit for playing with kids. Below includes common breeds that are known to get along well with kids;

The bull dog is a heavy animal, but it is always jovial. It has muscular limbs and wide jaws. It has a fine and lustrous coat. This dog is very friendly to children. A male bulldog has a height of between 12-15 and a weight of 50kgs. The female bulldog on the other hand has a height of between 12-15 and a weight of around 40kgs. They come in various colors, including red, white, or silk. Their nature is generally calm and patient.

Beagles are small in size, and have a very great sense of smell. They are also intellectual and friendly. Usually, they are employed as discovery dogs. Their skull is smooth and has strong jaws. Their ears are long and large while their eyes are large and brown. They are in a variety of colors the most common color is white usually with large black areas and shadings in light brown. They too are good around children.

Bull terriers have dark eyes that are triangular in shape. They have a round body, with muscular shoulders. Their color is white. They are known for their brave nature. Being around people is what they love and enjoy most. Most bull terriers have the tendency of having skin allergies.

Poodle dogs have very dark eyes. Their ears are set below the eye level. They have a built body, which is usually curly. The poodle is a modish, intelligent dog. Its color is in wide range. This includes red, white, black and brown among many others. Their sizes differ from large, medium and standard.

Labrador retriever is a dog that behaves well with kids. The male Labrador weighs between 29-41 kg while the female weighs 25-32kg. They have a short coat which is resistance to water. Their body is muscular while the jaws are strong and powerful.