Getting Rid of Dog Odor

Dogs make very good pets but that is only when they are taken care of. A dog naturally has bad odor and only good care can get rid of that. Dog odor is one of the excuses people give to as to why they don’t get dogs as pets.

Bad odor on your dog can be caused by a number of things; one of the most obvious one if a dog does not get regular baths. A dirt dog coat will give out very bad odor that will make you and your dog uncomfortable. A dog may also be suffering from some sort of skin disease and that may be the cause of the smell. A dog that has flatulence will also emit very bad odor. Dogs that have ear infections will also have that stinking smell that drive people in the house crazy. A dog that has problems with the anal glands; this may be irregular secretions or infections.

Getting rid of that dog smell is not as hard as you would think. First and foremost, give your dog regular baths. Buy some recommended dog shampoo and conditioner and give your dog a thorough bath. If you can afford it, take your dog to a groomer for a nice grooming session. You can also settle for a simple ‘do it yourself’ grooming at home. This will involve a good brush of the dog’s coat.

If your dog has flatulence or some sort of infection, take him to the veterinarian for a check up. Talk to your vet on what to do to avoid further infections and the best diet for your dog. Also get the best advice on how the anal glands can be emptied to make sure your dog doe not have problems. Always make sure that your dog sleeps in a clean place and that he doesn’t go around running in dirt in the name of play.