Help your dog lose Weight

An ideal weight for your dog will be determined by among other things; the breed of your dog, age and sex of your dog. For your dog to be healthy, it must be well groomed and above all, be of the right weight. If your dog is obese or overweight, here are tips for you to help your dog lose weight.

First, determine what caused the obese condition in your dog. Nutrition plays a major role in determining weight loss or gain. As such, the major cause of your dog gaining weight would be a large calorie intake which exceeds the amount of calorie expenditure of your dog. Inactivity, breed, hypothyroidism, age, sex, neuter status and overfeeding are among other factors that could be contributing to your dog being overweight or obese for that case.

Seek to understand what weight loss options are available. Once you determine that you dog is overweight and you understand the cause of the condition, determine what options you to help your dog lose weight. At this level, visit your vet for consultation to determine the best dieting options available to help you achieve your weight lose. Your vet should then help you determine how much your dog needs to lose and how to go about it.

The metabolism rate of your dog plays a major role in enhancing weight loss. Some of the ways to enhance your dog’s metabolism rate is among other things, increasing your dog’s activity levels and making diet changes to suit the dog’s needs. While at it, it is important to always remember to provide your dog with a well balanced diet. Starving your dog is not recommended as such will only put your pet at risk of malnutrition and the effects that come with it.