What to do with a sick pet

When a pet first gets ill it can be easy to overlook some initial symptoms, especially if the dog is getting older or the weather has changed or something in the house has changed but once you spot your dog is not himself it is important to get him to the vets asap.

Whilst the internet is a wealth of knowledge and you can google your pets symptoms to make a diagnosis and see if there are any treatments you can give them or changes you can make, it really is not advised. As a dog can not talk to you and convey what is wrong, if you don’t have the right tools to check your dog over you are just guessing the problem and possibly making your dog more ill in the meantime.

A qualified vet is always the best person to see if your dog is not well. If you are worried about the cost of vets then ensure your pet is covered by insurance. You can get some very basic and cheap insurance these days that will cover you for expensive vet bills.

Once your vet has diagnosed your pet and prescribed a course of treatment the best thing to do is to follow your vets advice and treat the animal accordingly. There are some illnesses that can be helped through improved diet and it is important to note the massive range of food available that can help an unwell animal.

There are food that help with a dogs weight, lower calorie foods that still provide the dog with necessary nutrients whilst reducing their calorific intake. There are foods specially formulated to help dogs with sensitive stomachs, dogs with skin irritations, there are even foods specially formulated to help dogs with liver or kidney problems.

It is always a good idea to start your dog off on a great food from the beginning. The higher the quality of a dog’s food the healthier it should really be. You can even get food to suit your dogs size or breed for example Royal Canin Maxi range caters for large dogs. It has the correct balance of nutrition to provide a larger dog the necessary energy it will need.

You can start dogs on good food from birth, Royal Canin Maxi Starter is a great food for large breed dogs up to 2 months and Royal Canin Maxi Junior for 2-15 months.