About us

Golden Boy Kennel is a kennel inspired by a genuine love for the working breeds. The satisfaction gained when working for their handler is phenomenal and fascinating to onlookers. After owning and working Shepherds and Dobermans the Presa Canario caught my eye as a more powerful and relentless worker. The drive of such a large animal that seems to forget his mass and uses every ounce of his power to retain his prey drew me in and I have not seen anything like it since! After time spent with the breed I have found that their working ability is matched by companionship, loyalty and distinct personality.

Being a medical student I have found that no human companion can understand the ridiculous hours and commitment that I have made to the medical profession. But, one thing I do know is that through “thick and thin” Sir Guru is there asking no questions of why and for how long, but is completely satisfied following me to the kitchen, bathroom and being at my feet while I study (making sure that I don’t loose my mind). So for this I commit this same diligence to Guru and the Perro de Presa Canario breed.

It is our goal at Golden Boy to further enhance the consistency of the breed in the important areas of balanced temperament, drive, proportion, size, intelligence and problem solving. It is imperative that our dogs are able to handle difficult situations as well as be an intricate part of a family where a role will be established, a role that will give the dog its sense of purpose and bring satisfaction to both owner and animal. Our dogs are capable of protection and obedience work, agility training, child socialization, and most of all sharing in the family experience. Our pups come with a two-year full health guarantee for genetic deficiencies and disease as well as a foundation of love, exposure to children and games.