How Much Should I Feed My Dog To Lose Weight

Nowadays, there is a wide range of brands and types of dog food. That’s why it’s not easy to decide what to feed your dog as well as how much. By considering a few factors, you can feed your dog properly to keep him happy, healthy, and prolong his life. There are many factors decide how much to feed your dog such as his age, size, health issues, energy level, as well as the type of food. Let’s check out this post to answer the question ” how much should I feed my dog to lose weight?”

Visit Your Vet

Whether you are having a puppy or a senior dog, it’s best to visit to vet as the first stop on your list. Your vet will help you know that your dog is overweight, underweight, or ideal weight. If your dog is overweight, you can be able to see his ribs at all. Especially, thanks to your vet, you can eliminate any medical problems that contribute to your dog’s weight issues. There are some chronic illnesses that can cause obesity such as hypothyroidism.

In addition, your vet helps to make a plan of action. It includes the amount of food you should feed your dog. Your dog can stay on track due to regular checkups. We recommend you to weigh yourself. Then, you need to stop off the scale. Next, pick up your dog as well as step back on the scale. They will help you when you are in the difficulty when getting your puppy to balance on the scale.

 Prioritize Your Dog’s Nutritional Needs

Different foods contain various amounts of fats, carbohydrates, and protein. In addition, some of them contain vitamins and minerals. But, not all brands offer enough of these components. Some foods may be great for your dogs but not for others. You should look for foods with a good ratio of protein, carbs, and fat. They also have to have the right amount of minerals and vitamins for your dog. Consult your vet about recommendations based on your dog’s breed, health, age, and activity level.

Consider the Calories

Depending on a dog’s age, activity level, and environmental conditions, there are different amounts of calories. Active dogs consume more energy as well as more calories than some sedentary breeds like Bulldogs. Puppies will need more calories than older dogs. Indeed, these puppies need more calories to maintain a healthy weight. You can also determine the number of calories your dog needs based on the environment. For instance, dogs taking a lot of time outside will need more calories to keep them warm than other dogs.

How Much To Feed Your Dog

You should follow a scientific method dog according to nutritionists. They use it to determine a dog’s caloric needs depending on its weight, stage of life, and activity level. Because of the caloric needs of an unneutered male sled dog, a pregnant Chihuahua, as well as a spayed Labrador Retriever, there was the formula. This method requires you to figure out your dog’s weight in kilograms. And, it’s divided into 2.2 to get the number. But, you have to use your dog’s ideal weight if he has unacceptable current weight. Or, you can also maintain your dog’s current weight.

In fact, if your dog requires more kilocalories every day than his Daily Energy Requirement, he may eat too much. And, if he consumes less than his Daily Energy Requirement, you need to feed him more.

The Overweight Dog

The fact is that there are about one out of three overweight dogs in the US today. These dogs can be able to live significantly shorter than their healthy counterparts. On the contrary, an ideal-weight dog is happier.

In addition to feeding your dog properly, you need to also control the number of treats you feed him and limit table scraps. Also, it’s important to exercise your dog every day. Allow your dog to swim if he loves swimming. Or, you can let him visit your local dog park that allows him to run to his heart’s content.

Free Feeding and Set Meal Times

It’s important to decide on a feeding schedule once you bring your dog home. Instead of leaving a large bowl of food, you should get a set time for morning and evening meals. If you are provider their food bowl every day, he will know you are his leader. More importantly, it’s also easy to potty train if you have set meal times.

We recommend you to feed your dog with two set meals: morning and evening. But, don’t forget to follow the portion size that is listed on the dog food label. Then, divide this number in half for each meal.


As a pet owner, you need to maintain a healthy weight for your dog. Don’t feed him too much to prevent him from obesity. Hope our tips today will help you. They ensure to give your dog long and healthy lives. Thanks to them, you can improve the quality of life for your dog as well.