How to Help Dogs with Dry Skin and Itching

If your dog has itching and scratching constantly, he may have to face skin infections, trauma, and hair loss, etc. It’s expensive when choosing clinic visits as well as high vet bills. Moreover, you even have to buy costly allergy medications your vet recommends. Check out this article to learn about some natural and inexpensive remedies.

Vitamin E

It works well on your dog’s dry skin as on your wrinkles.You can rub it directly on your dog’s dry and itchy areas. In addition, it’s best to give your dog the massage action. By this way, you can warm your dog’s muscles.


Feed him plain and low-fat yogurt. They help to keep the good bacteria in his intestines in balance. Moreover, these foods can keep yeast infections at bay. For the best result, you should add a little bit of yogurt to your dog’s diet. This aims to boost the immune system. As a result, you can prevent him from the skin and ear yeast infections. With a teaspoon of yogurt in your dog’s diet, he may not only build immunity but also prevent diarrhea. At the same time, consider a grain-free food with probiotics.

Chamomile tea & Herbal Tea soaks

Chill them in the refrigerator. Then, spray on sensitive and itchy spots. They can help to alleviate any minor skin irritations. In fact, you can kill bacteria and yeast thanks to the chilled tea. In addition, they are capable of relieving inflammation. Also, it’s great to try calendula and green tea.

Ground oatmeal

If you pour the ground oatmeal into a bath, you can help your dog prevent the itching and inflamed skin.It’s easy to find the baby oatmeal cereal at the local grocery store as well as grind it yourself in your food processor.

Epsom salt

You can reduce the swelling of your dog’s itchy paws, and inflamed sores with Epsom salt soaks and heat packs. Besides, they are also great for speeding up the healing time for any sores. It’s best to combine them with veterinary antibiotics.

Evening primrose oil

If you are looking for the oil with active anti-inflammatory as well as anti-itch properties, you can’t ignore evening primrose oil. This essential oil can be able to help your dog calm allergies and boosts the immune system.

Treats with supplements

When looking for foods for your dog, consider foods with ingredients like coconut oil. These foods are really good for a dog’s coat. Also, they are perfect for his immune system.

Essential Oil Shampoo

If you want to rinse your dog, it’s best to add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to natural shampoo. Remember to use clear water to rinse your dog. Then, use vinegar-water to rinse once again. You can easily remove soap residue that causes itchy skin by this easy-to-make shampoo. We recommend you to look for a natural eucalyptus shampoo mixed and ready to go.

Herbal Flea Powder

This powder is a mixture of many of these dried and powdered herbs such as fennel, rue, eucalyptus, yellow dock, rosemary, and wormwood.And, you can apply them to the base of your dog’s coat. Use the powder several times a week for the best result, especially if your dog has a severe flea infestation. In fact, this powder can be able to repel the pests but doesn’t kill them. In addition, you can also consider all natural off-the-shelf sprays like Dirty’s&Hairy’s Citronella OUTDOOR spray.

Natural Skin Tonic

This tonic works as a general skin toner. It can be able to not only repel fleas but also work for itchy pets. Steep a whole lemon slice overnight in a pot of boiling water. Then, apply this to your dog’s skin. It is considered as a good solution for heavy flea infestation. Or, you can also use targeted anti-itch sprays that contain essential oils and herbs.

Aspirin Mix

Combine two aspirin tablets with a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Then, use this mixture directly to affected areas of skin. Remember to use cotton wool or cotton swabs to do this. If you want to get the maximum effect, you should consider applying it with one of the previously listed remedies.

Give your dog a bath

Don’t bathe your dog very often. Indeed, it can make your dog’s skin conditions worse. You shouldn’t use harsh drugs first. Instead, it’s best to try all natural courses of action. We recommend you to use shampoo therapy for dogs with skin disease.

Brush your dog every day

The fact is that you can control and eliminate irritated and itchy skin due to brushing your dog’s coat. When your dog has itchy skin, it can cause the reddening and inflammation. That’s why it’s essential to brush your dog properly.

Feed your dog coconut oil

It’s a great idea to add some coconut oil to your dog’s diet. This oil is a perfect choice for your dog’s coat as well as his general health. The thing you need is a high-quality human brand. In addition, it’s easy to checkout treats containing coconut like these super health jerky treats.

All natural remedies are useful. Hope you enjoy them and they can help your dog with dry skin and itching.