Top 5 best adjustable elevated dog bowls – Make great mealtime for your dog



Are you looking for the best adjustable elevated dog bowl that helps your dog to have the most comfortable time for meal? Then, my article can give you a hand.

As far as you know, the time for meal plays a significant role in the development of your dog. And, adjustable elevated dog bowls have to be suitable with your dog.

However, it is not easy for you to choose the best bowl for your dog. So, today I will recommend the top 5 best adjustable elevated dog bowls that give the dog comfort and safety.

So, please keep reading the rest of my article to get more information.

Significant features of the dog bowls

To choose a suitable dog bowl, you need to know about a few essential features. So, let me show you some.

Adjustable height

The best advantage of an adjustable height dog bowl is that you do not need to be careful about your measuring. Well, this is great if you don’t ensure the height of your dog, or even when you find one for your dog grows.


If your dog always flings the food while he eats, you will take a lot of effort to clean. In case, sidewalls will be a great feature that helps to prevent so much mess.

Non-slip stand

An adjustable elevated dog bowl comes with a non-slip stand that you can pin into a corner. This will help the bowl not to slide when your dog eats.

Single or double dog bowl

There are two types of the dog bowl, including single and double ones.

If you also have a water fountain or reservoir for your dog, you should choose a single bowl. Well, the single bowl allows keeping your dog well-watered as well as get his meal on a stricter schedule. Moreover, if you have two dogs and want to keep them a bit distanced from each other, it is good to have two single bowls.

However, in case you want to use the bowl for both food and water, the double bowl will be the right choice.

Un-flip-able bowls

Once your dog pushes onto the bowl when he is eating, the bowl can be flipped by his strength. However, you can solve this by using a bowl with a stand with precautions. Well, if the bowl is put in a stand with rubber tabs, it is difficult for your dog to kick out of the bowl.

Top 5 best adjustable elevated dog bowls

Now, I will show you the top five best adjustable elevated dog bowls that can give your dog comfortable mealtime.

1. PetFusion SinglePod Magnetic Dog Feeder

As far as I know, the best adjustable elevated dog bowls have to be functional and practical, eye-catching, and modulable. Then, PetFusion SinglePod Magnetic Dog Feeder can be one that provides all the above qualities.

I believe that you will satisfy with not only its modern design but also its convenient. To be more specific, the device features a glass frame, a stainless bowl, and magnets; And, you can put these magnets together to create a bespoke increased feeding station for your dog.

The raised bowls of the PetFusion includes two sizes: Tall (11x11x9) and short (8x8x4). Well, you can choose to buy these bowls individually or purchase a set of two.

Once using the device, you do not also have to worry about how to clean it because the units are designed to be very quick to clean with only some dish soap. Especially because of the depth of the bowls along with covering the area with the glass stand, most of the food will drop on the bowl or the glass frame. Therefore, it will keep the area around clean when your dog eats.

In addition, because of its design of the stainless-steel bowls, you can use it to hold wet food, water, canned food, and dry dog food.

Thanks to the stainless-steel bowls, these PetFusion feeding stations accept water, wet food, canned food, but also dry dog food.

2. IRIS Airtight Elevated Storage Feeder

If you are looking for an adjustable elevated dog bowl that can keep the food fresh for a long time, IRIS Airtight elevated storage feeder is for you.

This is an excellent device with a combination of a container and a pet feeding station. To be more specific, the elevated dog bowl includes 2 stainless steel bowls and a food container with capacity up to 46 cups for the smaller model and the large size with 64 cups of dry food. Well, this helps it to be listed in the top 5 best adjustable elevated dog bowls.

By using the device, you can get a variety of benefits from its storage. First, you can store the dog’s food at once time place where he gets his food. Next, the bowls are very easy to clean; meanwhile, the PVC kibble container can also be removed the dirty in no time. Finally, because of its Mallette style and the ability to hold food, your dog cannot knock it over.

3. Pet Zone Designer Diner Adjustable Elevated Dog Feeder

With the ability to adjust to three different sizes, Pet zone designer diner adjustable elevated pet feeder will be perfect for your dog.

Thank straightforward attaching its legs in distinguish sport as well as removing them together, the device provides three elevation options such as 12 inches, 8 inches and 2.75 inches for your dog. These allow you to use the device for both a puppy and a large dog. Well, when you do not need to use the legs, you can store under the base. So convenient, right? Moreover, if the elevation is not suitable for your dog, you can take out the legs and put it into the base, as well.

Regarding its bowls, the Pet Zone comes with 2 stainless steel ones that are durable not to be broken by your dog. In addition, the material of steel helps prevents any stain from the bowls. It is also rust-resistant so that the food will be safe for your dog. The device has non-slip pads, so it won’t move when your dog eats.

4. Petmate EZ Reach Diner

An elevated dog bowl that enables your dog to eat without straining his back, hips, neck, and shoulders can be the right choice you are looking for. Then, Petmate EZ Reach Diner will give your dog the best comfort.

The feature I love the most about the Petmate EZ Reach Diner is that it is easy to move. Well, the device comes with the handles so that you can transport it anywhere you want.

Due to the spill-proof design, the rims are put deeply in the stand so that it will keep the area round cleaner. Also, the stand comes with softening inserts with rubber which makes the bowls firmer.

About its material, the bowls are made of stainless steel that you can clean in no time. In addition, the stand comes with the construction of thick and stable plastic that can suffer from your dog’s kibble, water, and ever your dog’s weight when he puts his legs on the bowls.

Because of all great benefits, Petmate EZ Reach Diner has been a standard popular for dog lovers all over the world.

5. Outward Hound 3-in-1 Elevated Slow Feed Dog Bowl

Outward hound 3-in-1 elevated slow feed dog bowl can be the right choice for your dog with a small size.

One of the reasons many dog lovers like to choose this feed dog bowl is that it sets in a feeder. With its ridges and valleys, this device is designed to feed your dog slowly or prevent them from eating over. As a result, this elevated bowl helps your dog avoid obesity as well as keep it healthy.

Also, depending on your dog’s height, you can adjust the device with two different levels, including 10 inches and 6 inches. Also, the device comes with a PVC frame and non-skid base. Therefore, you can rest assured that your dog will not break it. It is super-easy to clean, as well.

The bowl has no BPA, Phthalate, and PVC, so that it is very safe for your dog.

In spite of its benefits, this dog bowl is not suitable for water. However, it still is excellent at a reasonable price.


This is the end of my article so that I hope that it is useful for you.

Well, some above adjustable elevated dog bowls are the best ones that are loved by a lot of dog lovers. However, it would help if you also considered your dog’s height and weight to find the best. And, to me, the safe is always the essential element.