Cool Haircuts For Dogs

Regular grooming ensures optimal health and emotional well-being of your dog. While there are many professional grooming centres that offer a wide range of services to choose from, grooming a dog can also be done at home. Getting grooming done professionally might be a better option for the pet parent with funds to spare, but with time constraints. On the other hand, grooming at home is a more feasible alternative for the budget-conscious.

Clipping or cutting of hair is an essential part of the grooming routine. Grooming your dog at home, though daunting it might sound, is quite easy once you develop a knack for it. For a first-timer, there are many how-to videos as well as articles and write-ups available that explain the nuances of clipping hair at home.

Select the Right Clipper

Keeping your dogs breed as well as coat type and size in mind, select the most appropriate clipper and trimmer. Always keep in mind the essential difference between a clipper and a trimmer. While a clipper is used for cutting longer hair and is a larger-sized instrument, a trimmer is smaller is comparison and used for styling purposes. In addition to a clipper and a trimmer, you will also require brushes and combs for giving your dog a haircut at home. Depending on the dog breed, the brush that you might require can range between a slicker brush, a pin brush or a bristle brush. 

Cool Haircuts

There are many specific haircuts available to choose from, as per your dog’s breed. Popular haircuts include:

Popular haircuts for longer-haired dogs include:

  1. The Practical Top-Knot. This cut can be achieved only in long-haired dogs, such as Yorkshire Terrier, Afghan Hound, Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Maltese. The Top-Knot is achieved by gathering some of the hair on the head of your dog and securing the same with a clip or band, making a ponytail. Hair on the rest of the body is clipped to a uniform length, as per the preference of the pet parent.
  2. The Top-Knot for Show Cut. Probably the highest maintenance haircut for dogs with long hair, the Top-Knot for Show is achieved by tying the hair at the top, and letting it grow long.
  3. The Puppy Cut. Popular usually for summers, the Puppy Cut is achieved by clipping the hair uniformly over the body, leaving behind around 1-2 inches of hair. This cut can be given to both long-haired dogs as well as dogs with shorter hair.
  4. The Teddy Bear Cut. Only the hair on the head is trimmed in the Teddy Bear Cut. Hair on the rest of the body can be clipped to any length. This cut is known for the Teddy Bear face that the dog ends up with. The Teddy Bear Cut can be given to both long-haired as well as short-haired dogs.
  5. The Lion Cut. This is achieved by cutting the hair short of the body while leaving the hair on the head and neck to grow long. Requiring comparatively lesser amount of grooming, the Lion Cut is a hassle-free haircut favored by many pet parents.

Based on the basic criterion of practicality on one hand and style on the other, when it comes to selecting the perfect haircut, there are many options available for the pet parent to choose from.